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More than 20 million Americans live with addiction. If you need to use alcohol, opioids, or other drugs is taking over your life, contact double board certified Addiction psychiatrist Hadi Estakhri, MD, at Allied Psychiatry & Mental Health in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Estakhri is one of a few practicing psychiatrists in Orange County and Los Angeles area with formal training in Addiction Psychiatry and double board certified in General and Addiction Psychiatry.

Addiction and Substance Abuse Q & A

What causes addiction?

Addiction is a complex condition that presents by compulsive substance use or behavior (such as in Gambling Addiction) despite harmful consequences. No one tries or uses a substance with the intent of developing an addiction.  Irregularities in your brain chemistry contribute to addiction, making you more susceptible to the cravings and urges to use a drug or alcohol. However, in addition to the differences in brain chemistry that already exist, frequent use of an addictive substance also causes additional changes in your brain that not only intensify your cravings, but also affect the regions of your brain that control your judgment, decision-making, and impulse control.

People might begin using drugs or alcohol such as, for pleasure (reward users); for “self-medicating”  (relief users); to increase their performance; out of curiosity; or because of peer pressure.

Some of the signs that have an addiction disorder include:

  • A frequent, uncontrollable urge or need to use the drug
  • Your need to use the drug blocks other thoughts
  • Over time, needing more of the drug to achieve the same effects 
  • Adjusting your life and behavior to make sure that you have regular access to the drug
  • Your drug use interferes with your performance at work or your social life
  • Continuing to use the drug, despite negative consequences
  • Trying to stop using the drug, but failing

If you recognize any of these symptoms and want to change your life and improve your health, contact Dr. Estakhri today.

What should I expect during addiction treatment?

While addiction is a chronic disease, a number of effective treatments are available. With appropriate treatment, people with substance use disorders can recover, and build their normal and productive lives.

Dr. Estakhri begins process of treatment by a comprehensive assessment for addiction and other potential coexisting mental illness. He makes a customized treatment plan in collaboration with you and people who are involved in your care. If detox is required Dr. Estakhri is an expert in outpatient detox from alcohol and opioids. In more severe condition outcome of treatment can be optimized by medication-assisted treatment (MAT) including but not limited to Suboxone and Vivitrol treatment.

Dr. Estakhri will help you on your journey toward recovery. If you are looking for freedom from addiction, call Allied Psychiatry & Mental Health or make an appointment online today for expert, customized addiction treatment.

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